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Entry #24

hi guys

2015-08-11 03:27:40 by Chocomilk

I've got no new news but I knew it was time for a new news post.

Also I haven't been posting on general because I don't like it anymore so I probably won't be posting on there anymore okay??? But i'll still sign in sometimes to read any messages/spam random users with messages

It's been like six damn years posting on the bbs on this account which is gross. End of an era????? you b the judgcicle

Bye you fuckwads. I mean I'm not leaving I'm just not really gonna bother to be on the bbs anymore but whatevz *gigglegiggle*


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2015-08-13 03:13:25

miss u already

(Updated ) Chocomilk responds:

Carry on my legacy Greg


2015-09-05 23:41:21


Chocomilk responds:

Lee you are the patron saint of the BBS and the audio portal


2015-10-22 14:54:32

eat a big fat cookie

Chocomilk responds:

Nobody tells me what to do

except JBK of course


2016-01-30 17:03:09


Chocomilk responds:

[egoraptor joke]


2016-02-03 08:49:38

Not sure if you caught it but I updated my article of false promises to make a game where a stranger can cure the villain's villainy without punishing him first.

Chocomilk responds:

No problem man

btw I'm a his, my profile pic is just Peggy from Mad Men


2016-02-07 12:22:04 watch rick and morty very good show yes

Chocomilk responds:

dude I found that site recently and it's so cool holy shit. I used it to watch the Looney Toons Show because I'm a faggot

Also Rick and Morty is some choice product as well


2016-02-20 13:12:50

i miss youuuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Chocomilk responds:

Hoodie you were always pretty real. I never fanned you for some reason but heres it goes. Now you have an uneven number so uh sorry


2016-02-20 23:04:39

Hey what's up? Anything news?

Chocomilk responds:

No news. Just truckin on really. Right now I'm tryin to go out and do more dumb shit cus I'm young and in the blink of an eye I'll be old and decrepit. Basically I'm the opposite of you. We should meet up and exchange information about how to live life, promise not to laugh at me because I'm short? You can run to Norcal in a few hours with those legs right


2016-02-24 00:40:37

Sure! I'm always down for a meet up. Just let me get myself financially stable first.

Basically this newspost is what's up with me:


2016-05-24 17:47:15

I missu *kissu*

Chocomilk responds:

We used to rule the BBS together but those days are over. You need to focus on the present or that Fetish Pony you're all about is gonna get lonely and jealous.


2016-10-10 22:38:01

I miss gay posting with you

Except back when zero down was still a thing forget that

cent and chocomilk best users

Chocomilk responds:

we were the best but you need to lay me to rest cent, i dont mean that in a gay way i mean that i am dead


2016-12-05 11:31:20

ur gay

Chocomilk responds:

oh yeah i forgot


2017-01-29 16:30:13

i'm gonna ignore that whole not in a gay way thing tbh

Chocomilk responds:

consent is just a meaningless word, like no, or stop, or you're hurting me. When someone says "im not gay dont touch me" it's your duty to test their convictions, with your body know what I'm sayin


2017-03-20 14:41:44

lurk always

Chocomilk responds:

Always lurk