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Decently made, made me laugh, and then made me cry and try to kill myself, but then I got over it and laughed again. Predictable but of course it's just a short gag. The "pass" line was a really nice touch though

I dunno I actually thought the grandpas were really funny… maybe I just have a terrible sense of humor I don't know. Anyway way nice job, man

MACception responds:

Glad you thought they were man :) Some people enjoy slow humor like that. Others get bored.

This is like a genuine problem that Mater has on a daily basis, it really strains his friendship with the others. He and Freestar will could be great friends.

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I just beat this game for like the millionth time. I see there are some mixed reviews and shit but I really like this game. I'm pretty sure it was in one of Tom's posts when it first came out and I played it, and really liked it. And now, I don't know, something about the graphics, the music, the simple gameplay, whenever I play it it feels really nostalgic to me. I mean I played tons of games on NG when I was a kid but this one is really nostalgic for some reason. I keep coming back and playing it, and it just makes me feel happy

Also every time I start playing I have to finish it because that goddamn pig is so adorable and he just fell in that little hole and if I don't help him get out WHAT KIND OF PERSON AM I


Very fun! Are you sure this is your first game? Because it's very well made in my opinion. Keep it up!

Belongs on Adult Swim

This is a truly amazing game, my favorite on Newgrounds. The music was perfect for it, and the whole idea is hilarious. It becomes epic when explosions and high speeds try to throw you off. This belongs on the Adult Swim website. Nice job, guys.

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please leave my vulnerable anus alone

kazumazkan responds:

I make no promises

Awesomeness. I love this song, I remember when bytesize used to be on the front page and I would watch some of it just for this. Even better with the new audio player that loops like a jesus.

Great song

You sound great, guys. You keep ob improving.


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i can relate

prangus responds:

thank you buddy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I gave it a five

CorpseGrinderClock responds:

voet 5 for porno

Holy shit it's almost like he's in the room with me, but maybe that's just because that's my one wish in this cursed world

Good job mang.

Mantlion responds:

Thanks man, I really appreciate it!

Hey hey hey

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